Monster -02-08

 Just some random monster painting.
Tools: iPad pro, Procreate ( https://procreate.art/ )

Timelapse video here:


Android: Netrunner - Daedalus Complex data pack - Net Analytics

Illustration made for Android Netrunner - Daedalus Complex data pack.
Card name: Net Analytics
Client: Fantasy Flight Games, Wizards Of The Coast.
Tools: Blender, Corel Painter, Photoshop.


Monster [2017-01-08]

Very overthinked and to be honest I don't like it very much, about 2h of messing around -_- Well, not always is good, but much better is to paint something ( even crappy stuff ) than not to paint because it's always some practice :)

Tool: Photoshop.

Timelapse video:


Alien-monster painting [2017-01-02]

About 2h, because I want to be better, to improve but then I start thinking about what I sketching. Thoughts slows your mind so don't judge each of your brush stroke, "switch off" your brain and just paint, with every next artwork/sketch you will be better and better. Work quick, think less, be a friend with failure.

Tool: Photoshop.

Music: "Drone 008" by Jarred Gibb ( you can download it here )